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Facial Sculpting

Turn back the clock on aging with Beautiful Image Facial & Body Sculpting.

A Beautiful Image “Lunch-Time-Face-Lift” is a non-surgical, micro-current facial treatment of the neck, face, eyes, eyebrows and forehead.

The treatment lifts, tones and reduces fine lines leaving you looking younger and healthier within a very short amount of time. The most amazing thing about micro-current technology is the speed at which a treatment can be administered.  A standard treatment is typically administered in 45 minutes.  Results of the first treatment typically lat 24-48 hours.

The basic treatment is a procedure that involves the delivery of micro-current into the face using conducting wands that are applied at specific acupuncture points.  As the current penetrates through the skin's connective tissue natural production of collagen and elastin is increased.

The experience causes no pain or swelling, is wonderfully relaxing and the age-defying results are remarkable.  This process truly puts the "treat" in treatment.

We typically recommend 10 facial treatments, one or two times per week.  Thereafter, depending on the individual, the results will hold with visits every 4 to 6 weeks.

We also offer just Eye Sculpting to help lift the brow, reduce bags, lessen crows feet, and remove that awful tired look.

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