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Your feedback is very important to me!  Please let me know about your Massage and Facial Sculpting experience ! 

Name: Sue B, McKinney, TX Comment:  Thank you for the Salt treatment!  Being able to take it home was an added treat!  The softness and silky feeling lasted so long, even after I washed my hands several times - wonderful!

Name: Jody H , Frisco, TX  Comment: I have been a massage and facial sculpting client of Healing Hands for a few years.  Diana is the best I have found for massage and the facial sculpting results are amazing.

 Name: Amy F, McKinney, TX  Comment:  I have known Diana for years.  She is a kind and fun soul, who happens to be the BEST MASSAGE THERAPIST in the US.  I, myself was a registered therapist for 6 years before making the decision to stay home with my two girls.  I have had hundreds of massages locally and in some of the best spas in the US.  There is no one who comes close to her technique and her energy.  Some therapist have a good technique but it's almost like they are counting the strokes instead of connecting to the client and paying attention to what the body is saying.  She picks up on the smallest nuances of movement and adjusts her pressure accordingly.  Which is wonderful for people who may not feel comfortable saying that is too deep or too light.  (Although, let her know, she can handle it!)  She listens to the body and adjusts accordingly.  She doesn't ramble and talk through the massage but rather leaves the conversation or lack there of up to the client.  There have been so many times I had to say to other therapists, "I just want to relax".  Some therapists have great energy but haven't the slightest idea what they are doing.  Spending more time on one leg than the other, not paying attention to details like wrists, hands and face.  It can leave you feeling almost lop-sided or out-of-wack. I leave with a sense of well-being and having been taken care of.  I highly recommend her.

Name: Donna S., Lewisville, TX  Comment:I can not express enough how much your massage has helped me.  Not only do you keep my body moving properly, but my spirit also.  Just one hour every couple of weeks and I can enjoy life so much more.  The feeling of total relaxation I feel when I get my massage has kept me sane.

 I had tried everything in the past, medication, chiropractic, etc., for months.  But when we started doing our sessions, you helped so much more than any of the other things I tried.  You keep my shoulder moving and the pain away.  When I don’t have the pain, I am a different person.  My outlook on life is better.

 God has given you such a talent that is so worthwhile to so many people.  You really do have the healing touch.

 God Bless You, (client for life)

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